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How We Operate

An investor or a partnership of investors establishes one or more forests in joint ventures on land provided by farms, the whole enterprise and the forests being created and the forests managed by Warren Forestry Ltd. This can be for individuals who approach us or previously we issued a Prospectus and Investment Statement for public subscription.

Warren Forestry does the administration for the investment partnerships, and manages the joint venture relationship and the forests. The forests are grown on land provided by farmers, in return for a share of the forest crop, or rent or both. Generally more than 90% of the money invested is tax deductible. A Forestry Right is registered on the title of the land. This is similar to an easement or a lease and is not affected by a change in land ownership.

Our Projects are structured in the following manner:

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Warren Forestry Joint Ventures:

The Other Forest Ownership Option October 2010 (119Kb)

Extracts from a Prospectus.

Key Benefits (66Kb)

The Merits of Joint Venture Forestry (48Kb)

The Merits of Douglas-fir (53Kb)

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'The Leys' – Melrose 2017. Farm of Dugald Rutherford. Investor: Charles Etherington.