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Our Joint Venture Forests

We have established six prospectus initiated forest partnerships with similar structures, two smaller ones and some individual joint ventures. Their forests are mostly in North Canterbury but some are in Marlborough and one is in South Canterbury.

Below is a short profile of each:

The Leys Forest Partnership – 1990

'Melrose', 1992
'Melrose', 1992

This is where it all started, at Melrose in North Canterbury with a JV between Charles on the left and his Rutherford cousins, the ones here being Dugald on the right and two of his children, Fiona & Andrew. We planted about 22ha of hill in an agro-forestry regime which is a compromise between grazing and forest land use. Not ideal in some cases but this one has gone well. This was before Warren Forestry Ltd was thought of but led to its foundation after Andrew Warren, the third cousin became involved through helping set up Mt Noble Forest Partnership.

Mt Noble Forest Partnership – 1994

Mt Noble Forest aged 21 in January 2015
Mt Noble Forest 2015, aged 21

The larger part of this 28ha forest is Douglas-fir but also includes two stands of Radiata pine in a framing regime and a clearwood regime. This forest investment has 10 partners and was established just before Warren Forestry Ltd. It was a good part of the company's inspiration.

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Amuri Hills Forest Partnership – 1995

'Glens of Tekoa' (GT1), April 2017
'Glens of Tekoa' (GT1), April 2017

This clearwood Radiata pine stand is one of three pine & two Douglas fir stands planted by Amuri Hills Forest Partnership, the first prospectus based multi-site, multi-species forest investment created by Warren Forestry. GT1 (23ha) is one of thirteen we have established on Tekoa.

Six Hills Forest Partnership – 1996

Photograph: 'Glens of Tekoa' April 2017
Glens of Tekoa stand GT7 2017, aged 20

Radiata forest stand GT7 is on 'Glens of Tekoa', inland North Canterbury. These dark green healthy trees are 53ha planted there by Warren Forestry's Six Hills Forest Partnership, which has six Canterbury pine and fir plantations.

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Insignis Forest Partnership – 1997

Photograph: Chimney Creek stand CC1 2017, aged 19 in January 2017
Chimney Creek stand CC1 2017, aged 19

High pruned GF 28 Radiata pine thriving on Chimney Creek in the Waikakaho Valley, north of Blenheim in Marlborough. It was planted in 1997 by Warren Forestry's Insignis Forest Partnership which also has stands at The Ramshead up the Omaka River Valley south-west of Blenheim, and in South Canterbury at Paratu, south of Waimate.

Triple Ridge Forest Partnership – 1999

Photograph: Kalimera stand KM1 2017, aged 16.5 in March 2017
Kalimera stand KM1 2017, aged 16.5

Triple Ridge Forest Partnership consists of four forest stands on three North Canterbury properties. Planting in the year 2000 was of 208ha Radiata pine, 48ha Douglas-fir and 4ha Monterey cypress ('macrocarpa'). The latter is on Kalimera, Hundalee, a high growth area, together with the KM1 pine in this picture.

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McWarren JV Forest – 1999

Photograph: The McWarren stand aged 10 in April 2009
The McWarren stand 2009, aged 10

This 8ha stand of part-pruned Radiata pine is a JV between Glens of Tekoa, Warren Forestry Ltd and a single investor. 'Part-pruned' is a 'bet each way,' meaning that most but not all trees are pruned to some degree and the stocking after thinning remains reasonably high.

Mt Whitnow Forest Partnership – 2001/2

Photograph: Mt Whitnow stand MW1 2016, aged 14 in May 2016
Mt Whitnow stand MW1 2016, aged 14

This partnership has planted four stands of Douglas-fir in North Canterbury, three on Mt Whitnow and one on Glens of Tekoa. Also one of Radiata pine at Ahuriri, Tai Tapu near Christchurch. The Douglas-fir will produce premium quality, naturally durable construction timber and the Radiata stand, which is 'GF Plus' aged cuttings, will produce clearwood and framing timber.

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Seventh Forest Partnership – 2003

Photograph: Hopefield stand HF3 2016, aged 13 in October 2016
Hopefield stand HF3 2016, aged 13

High pruned Radiata pine on this partnership's site at 'Hopefield Station', North Canterbury. There are two other Radiata stands and one Douglas fir stand in this partnership. These are on Glens of Tekoa & Gola Peaks in North Canterbury and Chimney Creek in Marlborough.

Ahuriri 4 JV – 2005

Photograph: Ahuriri stand AH4, aged 8 in July 2013
Ahuriri stand AH4, aged 8

This 7ha stand of 'GF-Plus' Radiata pine cuttings is a Joint venture between Ahuriri Farm, not far south of Tai Tapu on Banks Peninsula, Warren Forestry Ltd and one keen man who has been doing all the work himself, from planting to weed control to pruning and now thinning.

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CC3 Forest Partnership – 2008

Photograph: Chimney Creek stands CC3 2017, aged from 6.5 and 8.5
Chimney Creek stands CC3 2017, aged from 6.5 & 8.5

'GF Plus' Radiata pine aged cuttings were used to plant this partnership's forest at Chimney Creek in Marlborough. We planted in 2008, 2009 and 2010, establishing 114 hectares in a joint venture with the farm owners & family. A small area of the forest is ground durable eucalypts, Oven's cypress and Redwoods. The government provided a grant to partly pay for establishment and in return they get the first 10 years' carbon credits.