Forest Investment Excellence Forest Team at Warren Forestry

Welcome to Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand's joint venture forestry specialists.

Since 1994 we have created, and now manage, 37 plantations totaling 1,500 hectares in joint ventures with the landowners of twelve farms.

We are the only NZ company to provide multi site multi species investments to the public and the first to offer Douglas-fir forest investment to the public.

Our projects include forests from Marlborough at the north of the South Island to Waimate in South Canterbury.

Our philosophy is to develop forests for timber and carbon storage, without displacing farming, while enhancing the physical environment with well sited forests.

We provided investors and landowners with forests which neither is likely to easily create alone, and manage them for both to their mutual advantage.

Currently we are not planning any large new projects but we could establish new plantations if commissioned to do so, like the ones we now manage.

land in 1997
land in 2005

In just nine years, an unproductive hillside in Marlborough now has a first-rate, rent-paying 80 hectare plantation, thanks to a Warren Forestry joint venture.